100 Days Left…

I’m on the last 100 days of my 365 day drawing challenge!

Let me give a quick overview:

This year, starting January 1st, I decided to try something crazy. Crazy for me, anyway. I wanted to challenge myself to make at least one new drawing or painting each day, and share it to social media. Posting one new painting each day. For an entire year.

I set up a list of main goals for this challenge:

  • find your style
  • learn to paint with limited color palette
  • learn how to draw animals
  • cultivate some consistent self-discipline
  • learn how to better manage time

Fast forward 265 days, and I am 2/3 the way through my challenge. To be quite honest with you, I didn’t expect to make it even 100 days. At least, not in the beginning.

I have learned so much from this challenge and I highly recommend taking on a similar sort of challenge if you wish to quickly improve in any sort of skill. Setting a time limit, even if it’s just 30-100 days, can really help. It forces you to get creative and can really help you find what you like and what you don’t like. Even though my goals were somewhat vague, I definitely feel I have accomplished them. Or at least made a huge stride in progress.

The best lesson I’ve learned so far in this journey, is one I hadn’t initially set out to learn. The lesson is that it is okay to fail. It’s not the end of the world when you do, there is always tomorrow (hopefully). You can always try again. The amount I have improved from becoming more comfortable with experimentation and failure and then more experimentation, is far more than I had expected.

Now, only 100 more paintings to go~

Two recent daily paintings vs. first two of the year:

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