Designing Cute Hand-Made Clay Pins

Lately I’ve been into adorable clay pins, and I can definitely see myself sticking them all over my purse. I decided to try my hand at making some colorful polymer clay pins of my own, and really liked the results.

I designed some cute and quirky little opossums, crows and mushrooms in a style that matches my paintings. I sculpt them from white clay, and then hand paint and glaze each one. It’s a long process, but they turned out exactly how I wanted. Whilst sculpting, I decided to make a couple extra of each pin and add them to my shop in case other people might like a similar style. Turns out the opossum pins have already sold out and the mini mushroom ones are pretty popular, too.

Currently in the midst of restocking the opossum pins and thinking of other cute ones to make in the future. I think some sort of skull or Venus fly trap pin would really match my aesthetic. Also thinking that a cute little bear face pin would work perfectly with the forest theme I already have going for them.

Designing and creating these pins is a nice change of pace, and a good break for my wrists from my regular painting.