Hello there! I’m Caitlin and I’m an artist based in Western New York. I specialize in painting people, animals and anything colorful. I use a variety of media to create my artwork, concentrating in mostly acrylics and watercolors. I’m always looking to create a strangely beautiful, dreamy twist on reality.

For business inquiries or personal commissions, shoot me an e-mail at caitgaddart@yahoo.com

Original paintings and prints are available through my
Etsy shop~

me in green grey sweater - edit.png

I’ve always loved painting. As a five-year-old wanting to be an artist when she grew up, I owned just about every Crayola product that you could buy in the 90’s. There was just something so appealing about all those colors and using them to create something vibrant from a blank sheet of paper….or the walls (sorry mom!). I am happy to finally be embracing that dream by sharing my art with the world today.

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